Corporate Governance

We believe that nothing is more important than a company’s reputation for integrity and serving as a responsible fiduciary for its shareholders. We are committed to managing the company for the benefit of our shareholders and are focused on maintaining good corporate governance. Practices that illustrate this commitment include:

  • Our Board of Directors is currently comprised of eight Directors, seven of which are independent, non-employee Directors
  • Our Board of Directors is elected on an annual basis
  • We employ a majority vote standard for elections
  • Our Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors works with independent consultants, in conducting annual compensation reviews for our key executives, and compensates each individual based on primarily reaching certain performance metrics that determine the success of our company

Key corporate governance principles are outlined below:

Corporate Code of Business Ethics
Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Bylaws
Articles of Incorporation and its Amendments

Business Ethics

We are committed to providing an engaging, diverse, and safe work environment for our employees, to upholding our corporate responsibilities as a public company operating for the benefit of our shareholders. As The Monthly Dividend Company®, our mission is to provide monthly dividends to our shareholders that increase over time. How we manage and use the physical, financial and talent resources that enable us to achieve this mission, demonstrates our commitment to being socially responsible and conducting our business according to the highest ethical standards. Our employees are awarded compensation that is in line with those of our peers and competitors, including generous healthcare benefits for employees and their families; participation in a 401(k) plan with a matching contribution by Realty Income; competitive paid time-off benefits; and an infant-at-work program for new parents.

Our employees have access to members of our Board of Directors to report anonymously, if desired, any suspicion of misconduct by any member of our senior management or executive team. We also have a longstanding commitment to equal employment opportunity and adhere to all Equal Employer Opportunity Policy guidelines.

We apply the principles of full and fair disclosure in all of our business dealings, as outlined in our Corporate Code of Business Ethics. We are also committed to dealing fairly with all of our customers, suppliers, and competitors.

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